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Call Us: (0049) 861 12756

About the Hardtailer

We love guitars!​

Origin story​

— how it all began​

I’ve been playing guitar for over 45 years now and half the time I’ve been frustrated with the solutions for drop-D combined with free-floating tremolos. Whether conventional vintage tremolos or Floyd Rose tremolos.

Of course you know Eddie’s D-Tuna and various other variants, but there are always compromises. When a tremolo is on top, like Eddie’s or a regular tremolo, drop-D isn’t a problem, but you sacrifice a floating bridge.

After a long perseverance with various available solutions, I decided to do my own thinking to solve the problem. Then, in 2015, I created the first construction drawing and spent years tinkering to perfect it. The drawings were then implemented in practice and have since been extensively tested. In the meantime everything is in place, the hardtail is feather light at 17g and performs as it should and is ready for production. The result; “So you have the best of 2 worlds”.

My request

I wanted to give my fellow guitarists the opportunity to use Drop-D without having to do without a floating bridge.

The enthusiasm of my colleagues speaks for itself and prompted me to produce and patent the hardtailer.

Our slogan is....

We love Guitars!


Martin Kronbichler

— guitarist and singer

I love and live guitar since I was 10 years old…