He travelled to Nashville and tried to break into the music business - but found. That's not a career. Here's a new link to an excellent Orion page done by Nigel Patterson with the EIN (Elvis Information Network) in Australia. Evaluating the Jimmy Ellis/Orion legacy..While many continue to dismiss Jimmy Ellis as simply an Elvis imitator, to do so ignores critically important organic elements which place his story on a very different level to that of normal Elvis tribute artists! Jimmy then met with Phil Walden, owner of Capricorn Records (the Almond Brothers Band and others) in Macon and was offered a contract, but since Jimmy was under age at the time his parents wouldnt let him sign.another huge mistake. Bobby D.: Yes, that is just my natural voice. He tells in great detail the story of Jimmy Ellis, a successful horse farmer who took over the family business in the small town of Orrville, Alabama. EIN: Given you have a great singing voice why didnt you pursue a recording/performing career? On Orion's 1979 debut album, Reborn (Sun 1912). It is pertinent to say that while Jimmy was fanatically worshipped by fans, it was Gail Brewer-Giorgio and Shelby Singleton (remember the infamous "Duets" album with Jerry Lee Lewis) who were banking the lion's share of money as the cash registers kept on "ching chinging" as Jimmy Ellis/Orion connected with an avid, loyal and increasingly fanatical audience. He and I were alike in that respect. Taken straight from the mastertapes. All three are being held without bail and are facing the possibility of the death penalty on two counts of capital murder, authorities said. Sung By . American vocalist (February 26, 1945 in Orrville, Alabama - December 12, 1998 in Alabama), also known as Jimmy "Orion" Ellis, and known for his close vocal similarity to Elvis. He would give you things and himself freely. The album featured some excellent songs including "Ebony Eyes", "Honey", and "Washing Machine". He loved to have a good time, loved to sing and entertain. Leave a comment or question. It is old and worn just like it should be. His first two singles were covers of two of the King's former hits, "That's All Right" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky.". James Hodges Ellis (born James Hughes Bell, February 26, 1945 December 12, 1998), who used the stage name Orion at times in his career, was an American singer. A special thanks to Shelby Singleton, Sun Records; Bobby Smith, Boblo Records; Wayne Hodge, Stargem Records;Jim Hardin, Kardina Records; and Jerry Adams, Flatland Records, and Nick "Scott" Pettafor producing all the great Orion-Jimmy Ellis-Ellis Jamesmusic that will last a lifetime..Thank you!!! However, in the beginning recordings like Save The Last Dance For Me, Ebony Eyes and Honey convinced many Elvis fans that their King was still physically among them. By the late 1980s, Jimmy was again performing on stage in his Orion persona and while not enjoying the buoyant career he had between 1978 and the early 1980s he had regular bookings, including in Europe where he was especially sought after. You can make comments on the tab provided, or on the Orion Facebook Fan Club. I hope people will remember that some of the masters are owned by us and others over in Norway/Denmark. http://www.elvisinfonet.com/spotlight-orion-2014.html, The Tonight Show from NY with Jimmy Fallon. Low prices on Jimmy Ellis discography of music albums at CD Universe, with top rated service, Jimmy Ellis songs, discography, biography, cover art pictures, sound samples, albums, etc. Leave a comment or question, Jimmy Fallon made a mention of Orion and played snippets of Washing Machine on his show Monday, April 7, 2014. For one side, they would quite naturally (and self-directed), psychologically rationalise and morph their needs to maintain internal equilibrium and ongoing personal and social engagement.for the other side his outcome would be economically directed and physically terminal, as his 'what if' life diverted to a course which outwardly may have offered some degree of financial and personal satisfaction, but one which (pragmatically) was also underpinned by a volatile socio-economic environment which could potentially (and did) result in a seriously intense incident or incidents: Jimmy Ellis' new (primary) career as a bail bondsman and pawn shop proprietor would very sadly, very unfairly, result in his violent, premature death on 12 December 1998. Cover scans of any CD's on the unofficial Masked Man label. Unfortunately, despite the fact that most of the songs he recorded were not covers of Elvis songs, he could not escape the uncanny similarities between their natural voices. How & where do I sell my Elvis collection? In his insightful interview, Bobby D. reveals what (the real) Jimmy Ellis was like off-stage and covers a range of subjects including: Bobby D. operates the official Jimmy Ellis/Orion website and is a singer himself. Offered here is a two sheet info about the partnership which was presented to the stockholder. Little is known about Jimmy's life before becoming a recording artist - what is known is that he was raised by traditional but loving parents who ensured he was able to receive a good education. Some listeners believed that Orion was, in fact, Presley, who had supposedly faked his death. Then, he introduced me to Jimmy Ellis, the guy by the tape recorder who had said nothing. 6 1971-1973' Book Review: 'Elvis - The Man & His Music'#100 review: 'Elvis - Aloha Via Satellite: A 40th Anniv Release' Book Review: 'The Elvis Files Vol. Orion mention on The tonight show with jimmy fallon, http://beta.orionstc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/17-Out-Of-My-Life-live.mp3. I thought that was an odd question but I said: sure, its Elvis Presley. ): I continued with my Human Resources career for many years and retired in the mountains of NC two years ago. Ellis hair and long sideburns were dyed black, and he dressed in a loud, bejeweled polyester jumpsuit, with a mask to protect him from crazed fans. With fans more interested in seeing "Kemo Sabe" rather than Jimmy Ellis, he spent the next few years focusing more on his business affairs than his music career. He also recorded several albums for Sun between 1979 and 1981 and built up a substantial live following, still wearing his mask. In 1979 Jimmy Ellis finally merged with an identity, but it still wasn't himself. The strange part of the tale began in January 1979, when author Gail Brewer-Giorgio received a bizarre early-morning phone call. Learn more about merges. December 1998. She was 16 going on 21 and I was 21. To The Official Orion - Jimmy Ellis Web Site, http://tribecafilm.com/stories/tribeca-film-festival-2015-viewpoints, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/orion-the-man-who-would-be-king. [3], In 1978, writer Gail Brewer-Giorgio published a novel, Orion, about a leading popular singer based on Presley who faked his death. After winning a state fair competition, his first professional performance was in a Demon's Den nightclub in Albany, Georgia. Jimmy really liked my version of My Special Angel that we listened to for the first time while riding around in Nashville. EIN: Did the Orion experience change Jimmy as a person? Adios till we meet again! Here is what the website says: ORION: The Man Who Would Be King tells the story of Jimmy Ellis an unknown singer plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight as part of a crazy scheme that had him masquerade as Elvis back from the grave. We are told that the documentary is moving along but, as with many projects, monetary donations would be appreciated to help get to completion. Thanks, Nigel!! (EIN Comment: Bobby D. should get back to playing "live" - he is naturally gifted with a great voice!). Which memorial do you think is a duplicate of Jimmy Ellis (19214)? Jimmy Ellis 1937-2012 It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of our friend and original lead singer, Jimmy Ellis, on Thursday, March 8, 2012 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. No breach of copyright is intended or should be inferred. Very sadly, it is possible, even probable, Jimmy Ellis never fully realised the enormity and significance of his impact as a recording and performing artist! Orion: The Man Who Would Be King: Directed by Jeanie Finlay. What you see is what you get. Sales have not been great since the fan base has long since scattered but I enjoy doing it to keep his talent known, as much as possible. The film, which had its world premiere at Tribeca and won [], Calling all Orion fans and film supporters. Later that day, sheriff's deputies caught up with the two alleged accomplices, Andre Darren Lee, 19, who is the alleged gunman's brother, and Jerry Dewayne Johnson, 17, who is his cousin. Orion to recieve Lifetime Achievement Award in Las Vegas! Also like Elvis (surviving twin), he experienced an early life major event when, at the age of 4, he was adopted by Robert and Faye Ellis. The story of Jimmy "Orion" Ellis is either one of the greatest cons to be forged in the history of American music or it's one of its greatest unsolved mysteries. Sundance Selects acquires Orion: The Man Who Would Be King for US Theatrical release. Details of songs performed at any of the listed shows would be especially welcome. We are told that the documentaryis moving along but, as with many projects,monetary donations would be appreciated to help get it to completion. Copyright the Elvis Information Network. They are remembered for their hit single "Disco Inferno" (1976). Jimmy came from a Christian family and held his belief in God the Father throughout his life. Jimmy Hodges Ellis (born Jimmy Hughes Bell, February 26, 1945 - December 12, 1998), who used the stage name Orion at times in his career, was an American singer. Help us spreadthe word about our cinema releaseby signing up for an ORIONtweetor aFacebookpost here onThunderclap. At first with all the attention he was getting, Im sure he had fun with it but he really wanted to be known as himself and not try to fool people into thinking he might be Elvis Presley. In its way, the story underscores some of the dark, disturbing aspects of image-making, music marketing, and how the music industry builds stars but destroys individuals. He once said: you cant make it on someone elses coattail. Orion had several hits on the country music chart, including "Am I That Easy to Forget" (1980), "Rockabilly Rebel" (1981), and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (1981). Scheduled for release next year is Jeanne Finlay's intriguing film, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, and also due for release in 2015 is a radio documentary about southern USA music which includes a segment about the Jimmy "Orion" Ellis story. iTunes, Amazon) and not physical discs. (much like how each of Elvis' jumpsuits had its own name): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Orion (Jimmy Ellis) with (also in character) members of supergroup KISS, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------. EIN: What did Jimmy say to you about his career as Orion? Spotlight article by Nigel Patterson, June 2014, (for the purposes of this article I will use the term Elvis stylist in reference to the person in question). Stay Away LIVE (Elvis Presley Photo Compilation), Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (Viva Elvis), Don't Count Your Chickens / Love Is But A Love, There Ya Go / Here Comes That Feeling Again, There You Go / Here Come's That Wonderful Feeling Again, I'm Not Trying To Be Like Elvis / Games You Been Playing, Save The Last Dance For Me / Am I To Be The One, Washing Machine / Before The Next Teardrop Falls, Stranger In My Place / It Ain't No Mystery, Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Matchbox, Honky Tonk Heaven / Morning, Noon And Night, I'm Saving Up My Pennies (1982) / I'm Starting Over, One Hundred Pounds Of Clay / Because He Lives, Thank God For America / I Make The Livin', Sunday Father / Thank God For America (1986), I Want you, I Need You, I Love You / Plastic Saddle, Love It Back Together / If That Isn't Love, Honey / Lover Please / Got You On My Mind / Mona Lisa / Before The Next Teardrop Fall / Ebony Eyes / Washing Machine / Baby, I Still Love You / You Can Have Her / Lonesome Angel, Moody Blue / Return To Sender / Hurt / Kentucky Rain / Can't Help Falling In Love / It's Now Or Never / Burning Love / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / My Way / Love Me Tender / Mean Woman Blues / Teddy Bear, Secret Love / You Can't Judge A Book / San Fransisco Is A Lonely Town / Then I'll Be Over You / I Heard You Talking With Your Eyes / Stranger In My Place / I Hear you Knocking / Turn Around, Look At Me / Baby You Got It / It Ain't No Mystery, Texas Tea / Faded Love / What Did I Promise Her Last Night / Green Green Grass Of Home / Crazy Arms / Send Me The Pillow You Dream On / Help Me Make It Through The Night / Release Me / Please Help Me I'm Falling / The Long Black Veil / Am I That Easy To Forget, Rockabilly Rebel / See you later Alligator / Suzie Q / I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday / Rockin' Little Angel / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Long Tall Sally / Memphis Sun / Peggy Sue / Matchbox, Where He Leads Me / Sweet Hour Of Prayer / I Surrender All / Peace In The Valley / It Is No Secret / I Believe / He Touched Me / Softly And Tenderly / Where No One Stands Alone / Just A Closer Walk With Thee, There's No Easy Way / Baby Please Say Yes / Born / If I Can't Have You / Ain't No Good / Some You Win, Some You Lose / Look Me Up (And Lay It On Me) / Old Mexico / Rainbow Maker / Anybody Out There, Feelings / No One Will Ever Know / I Love You Because / What Now My Love / Somewhere My Love / I Can't Stop Loving You / He'll Have To Go / Snowbird, Snowbird (1981) / Save The Last Dance For Me (1978) / Honey (1978) / Please Help Me I'm Falling (1979) / Feelings (1981) / Help Me Make It Through The Night (1980) / Am I That Easy To Forget (1980) / Mona Lisa (1978) / Before The Next Teardrop Falls (1979) / I Love You Because (1981) / Faded Love (1980) / Crazy Arms (1980) / Release Me (1980) / Green Green Grass Of Home (1981) / Secret Love (1979) / He'll Have To Go (1981) / What Now My Love (1981) / No One Will Ever Know (1981) / I Can't Stop Loving You (1981) / Somewhere 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Precious Memories, Restless / Lay Around And Love On You / I Need You In My Life / Out Of The Blue / Memories Won't Let Us Lay Down / Dream On Me / Can't Get Used To Sleeping By Myself / Sunday Father / Old Pipeliner / Old Time Rock, Steady As She Goes / He Has His Hand On Your Heart / Love Is The Only Way Out / Between Hello And Goodbye / Rock Your Baby / I Know Where You Are Coming From / My Boogie Wants To Boogie With You / The Power Of Your Love / If You Ever Want A Fool Round / Starting Over, Here Comes Santa Claus / I'll Be Home For Christmas / O' Little Town Of Bethlehem / Blue Christmas / Santa Bring My Back Back To Me / Holly Leaves And Chistmas Trees / Silent Night / Santa Claus Is Back In Town / Jingle Bells (re-recording) / It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You, Christmas Memory / A Christmas Filled With Love / The Funny Little Man All Dressed In Red / An Old Fashioned Christmas / Christmas Spirit / Christmas Eve / The Fireplace / You're All I Want For Christmas, Stuck On You / Don't Be Cruel / Crying In The Chapel / All Shook Up / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Teddy Bear (re-recording) / If I Can Dream / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (re-recording) / That's Al Right (re-recording) / Follow That Dream, "Save The Last Dance For Me" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Sweet Little Sixteen" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "I Love You Because" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Cold Cold heart" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Hello Josephine" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "It Won't Happen With Me" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "What I'd Say" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Good Golly Miss Molly" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Be Bop A Lula" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Good Rockin' Tonight" (duet with Jerry Lee Lewis), "Gentle As A Lamb" (duet with Charlie Rich), "Sittin' And Thinkin' (duet with Charlie Rich), "Gone, Gone, Gone" (duet with Carl Perkins), "It's All In The Game" (duet with Andy Lee Lang), "Puppet On A String" (duet Andy Lee Lang).

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