Regis Akwesasne Police Department. AKWESASNE The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service AMPS has issued a Canada-wide warrant for the arrest of homicide suspect Victor J. They want to put us under state jurisdiction, right down to the county level, and the feds are standing by to back them up. On this first day of summer, in a light summer haze of fluoride effluvium from the Reynolds plant, gulls lifted and settled, picking at the scraps of eels killed lin the locks, and a big freighter churned upstream on the gray surface of the river. When the police made no effort to disarm or disperse the crowd, despite its disruption of highway traffic, the besieged traditionals had to assume that New York State supported the proposed assault. Massive reinforcements arrived quickly and Thompson was subdued and seized in a brief skirmish with 12 policemen in front of his frightened children; a 73-year-old neighbor, Mary Tebo, knocked down by one of the police, had to be hospitalized. When they refused, the chiefs informed them and their supporters that the matter was now in the hands of the Mohawk people, who rushed and disarmed them after several minutes' fighting, then took over the building. . AKWESASNE The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service has issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for a 33-year-old man who is a suspect in the Aug. 11 homicide of Jeffrey Allen Lazore-Arquette, who in custody in New York state. Phone: (518) 358-3141 Fax: (518) 358-6245, Copyright Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (en-US). You can also report by calling Akwesasne Crime Stoppers at 613-575-2255. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)-led Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit (PWEU) has laid numerous charges after executing a warrant in the Akwesasne Mohawk First Nation. "Since last August, we've had a hot line set up, to clarify incidents and keep them in perspective, try to avoid shooting, and that morning, calls started coming through that if the state police didn't stop the electeds, shooting was going to start. "We believe that the state police helped them to organize, that Maj. Schneeman suggested to them that state troopers would back them up, and that the state police would be backed up by the National Guard, if necessary. Together, they oversee police operations and are responsible for meeting the needs of the Mohawk Tribal community, through planning, organizing, training, and direction of the Tribal Law Enforcement program. The types of light bulbs that residents can keep out of landfill is expanding. ", He points at the GM foundry. He was remanded to Franklin County Jail without bail, and subsequently has faced a court hearing on that charge in New York state court on Aug. 21. Our unique storytelling is entrenched in the Mohawk language and culture. To provide leadership and role models for our youth. 101 Tewesateni Road They say this is regarding a local Windows/Doors and Renovations Company. "It's in the interests of the state to obscure the issue, reduce it to a conflict between Indian groups struggling for power. Akwesasne Mohawk Police Seize Guns, Drugs & Cash in Kana:takon June 07, 2021 Address: "All the rivers around here are polluted.") On the afternoon of the chainsaw confiscation, Akwesasne Police Chief Harris Cole and the YACC supervisor agreed that a meeting to settle the matter would be held a few days later, by which time Chief Thompson could have consulted with Chiefs Swamp and Porter and other members of the Mohawk Nation Council. Like every family on the reservation, the Benedict clan is painfully split by the whole controversy. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police are investigating the kidnapping, assault and robbery of a Cornwall taxi cab driver. AMPS, OPP & Other Agencies Conduct Criminal Code Search Warrant January 19, 2023 At approximately 2:25AM the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police are executed a criminal code search warrant at a private residence on International Rd, on Kawehnoke. The first meeting between the Mohawk Nation and the State of New York occurred in Massena on Aug. 27, over three months after the small episode that started the jurisdictional dispute; besides Chiefs Tom Porter and Jake Swamp, the Indian negotiation team included four Mohawk people and two editors of the traditional newspaper Akwesasne Notes, which has its office on the Thompson property. Much more serious, a matter that should have been settled by the Indians themselves had been turned over to "foreign" jurisdiction; the Tribal Council had subjected a traditional chief of the Mohawk Nation to illegal, forcible arrest on sovereign Mohawk territory, and to the criminal justice system of New York, which took quick advantage of this chance to affirm a finding by the Franklin County Court that the Mohawk Nation no longer existed, that these people were simply "St. Regis Mohawk Indians" whose lands and persons were subject to state laws. Just over an hour later at 3:47AM, AMPS had announced the search warrant had concluded. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)-led Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit (PWEU) has laid numerous charges after executing a warrant in the Akwesasne Mohawk First Nation. Arrest made in death of Akwesasne man, extradition sought from U.S. Update on investigation into Akwesasne man's death, Akwesasne man dies from gunshot on Sunday, tap here to see other videos from our team. To the police, the crowd declared, "If you don't go in there and clean 'em out, we will," whereupon a messenger was sent into the camp with an ultimatum: Unless certain Indians under indictment were delivered to the police, and all "outsiders," Indian or otherwise, were removed from Racquette Point, action would be taken in two hours. The mission of the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) is to enhance peace, harmony, justice and cultural values throughout Akwesasne. "My cousin carries a 30-ought-six with heat-tempered bullets that supposedly can pierce a bulletproof vest. Located in Akwesasne and Kahnawake. . The community services division operates twenty four hours a day seven days a week. SRMT Environment Division Responds to ALCOA East Fire, Haudenosaunee Nationals receive 100K from the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, Indigenous fashion designer and artist Niio Perkins creates space for traditional practices and meanings in a contemporary industry, Pow Wows cancelled? Lt. Lee Hunt furnished the police perspective on the crisis of Friday the 13th. He even tries to tell us who should negotiate for us, and when he doesn't get his way, he takes dangerous actions. We are called Rattlesnakes because we have that character, and this is what Gov. Within a few weeks the state police had withdrawn their large force from the perimeter of the Thompson property, but because District Attorney Ryan had insisted upon sealed indictments, those who thought they might be prosecuted did not leave the camp. It FAIL TO ATTEND COURT Cornwall, ON John Logan, 38, of Akwesasne was arrested on September 22nd, 2022 and charged with failing to attend court. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. John Mohawk agrees. If you come closer, it warns you more loudly, and if finally you give him no choice, then it will strike you. To protect our community today, for the seven generations of tomorrow. Mission: To provide law enforcement services to the Mohawks of Akwesasne. Phone 613-575-2250 "A lot of the people are starting to think, 'Hey, this isn't politics any more, it's a question of right and wrong.' From June 18th to 25th the 3rd Annual Ride the River Cycling Fundraiser will take place, participants can bike to raise funds for Brockville General Hospital going towards much-needed equipment. But if you persist, it warns you with its tail -- please stay away! "The tribals, too -- most of them are hard-working guys . Our attachment to this place where our great-great-grandfathers lie buried is very strong, but our children's future and wellbeing is at stake. Haudenosaunee Nationals receive 100K from the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, Indigenous fashion designer and artist Niio Perkins creates space for traditional practices and meanings in a contemporary industry, Pow Wows cancelled? The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Commission (AMPC) is comprised of two members from each of the Districts of Tsi Snaihne, Kana:takon and Kawehno:ke. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service has been in existence since the 1960s. Tammy L. Lazore, 50, of Akwesasne was arrested and charged with Possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance and possession of property obtained by crime. The day after Thompson's arrest, the Akwesasne police were informed by the Mohawk Nation Council that in attacking and arresting Loran Thompson they had attacked the laws and sovereignty of the Hodenausaunee (Six Nations), and that their presence on Mohawk territory as agents of a foreign government could no longer be tolerated: they had 24 hours to resign and disband for the good of their people. Click here to access the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Sex Offender Registry, 11232021 Patrol Officer Application Fill In, 71 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way Detective Division: Provides assistance to the patrol division by conducting criminal investigations and case presentation. A volatile, swift-speaking man, well-informed on all Indian matters, Mohawk is the editor of Akwesasne Notes, the best known Indian newspaper in America since its inception in 1968. See, it's not a fight between political factions, it's between your uncles, your cousins, maybe even your brother!" Climbing the bank -- originally spill banks from the Seaway dredging, dumped like the locks and customs buildings and factories onto Indian land -- I entered a compound of makeshift buildings surrounded by three outhouses, a pig pen, a shed with a NO SMOKING sign, a vegetable garden, a few small tents and two hay wagons carrying plywood siding to screen off the view of the Akwesasne camp from police on the GM foundry roof. Different rinks are open and available throughout the week the School Board says all are welcome at any of the open locations free of charge. The Intel Officer is responsible or tracking all in-coming data as well as disbursing information to other agencies. The patrol division maintains peace in the community, the protection of lives, and the preservation of property. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service was formed in 1970. As a result of the investigation, police seized approximately 24 grams of alleged cocaine, and mixed Canadian and United States currency. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) will be out patrolling school zones across the northern portion of Akwesasne in to remind drivers school is back in session. And they admitted that a lot of people were juiced up -- it was Schneeman and alcohol. "Akwesasne used to be a fishing place, but all these locks and power dams cut off all the anadromous fish, and raised the water levels, which ruined the trapping and fish spawning grounds and waterfowl nesting in the marshes -- there is no hunting and fishing anymore. Phone 613-575-2250 Across the river in Cornwall, Ontario, is the Domatar pulp mill, a division of Reed International, which has been sued in recent years by the Ojibwa of the White Dog and Grassy Narrows Reserves of western Ontario for massive mercury pollution of their water that led to a kind of "Minimata disease" among the Indians. PO Box 90 Arrest warrants have been authorized by the Provincial Court of Valleyfield, Quebec for the arrests of the three men: Corby Jock 31, and Johnny Adams, 30, both of Akwesasne, and Mitchell Jocko, 37, of Cornwall, Ontario. This ongoing crisis, the state says, is a struggle for power between supporters of the state-sponsored elective system on the St. Regis Reservation, known as the "Tribal Council," and those who call the reservation "Akwesasne Territory" and follow traditional Mohawk ways; the two factions were being protected from each other by the state police. OPP gives tips to avoid being a victim of fraud and stresses the importance of vetting potential contractors. One suspect, 20-year-old Dennis Benedict-Sylvester of Akwesasne,has already been arrested for the incident, and police have issued a warrant for 22-year-oldNoah Paul King of Akwesasne. King is wanted for robbery, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, kidnapping, mischief under $5000 and theft under $5000. Ontario Provincial Police are urging residents to be vigilant while hiring contractors for home renovations following a concerning investigation that took place in the area. On Tuesday, February 21, 2023 the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal (SRMT) Council was greeted by members of the Ironworkers local 440 . We can't hope for any real justice from the state -- not the people of New York State, but their leaders -- and they leave us no choice but to go to the international courts. In 1959, the year that Reynolds began its operation, there were five times as many cow barns on Cornwall Island as there are today, and meanwhile, a healthy high protein diet of fish, meat and Indian corn has been replaced by an unhealthy one of potatoes, macaroni, gravies and bread. The police headquarters was located in the village of St.Regis, Quebec. Although the trespass and destruction of the trees ("There were some big sugar maples in there, too," Loran Thompson told me) was illegal under both New York State and Six-Nation law, Thompson could not take his complaint to the police, since the traditionals do not recognize police jurisdiction on the reservation; nor could he expect any satisfaction from the Tribal Council, which had promoted the fence project in the first place. A young Indian assigned to security let me look through his binoculars at the policemen posted on the GM foundry roof; when I raised the binoculars, one of the three men in gray uniforms raised binoculars of his own. The Deputy Chief of Police is the assistant director of law enforcement for the tribe. To enforce a variety of assignments, including: Traffic law, Anti-Drug & Smuggling Enforcement, and Criminal code enforcement. The next day, 61 women met with Maj. Schneeman, and after describing 30 years of harrassment, violence (including the fatal beating of an Indian man) and sexual molestation (including rape) from his state troopers, they pleaded with him not to launch an attack on Akwesasne. Raymond Harding, lawyer, lieutenant colonel in the New York National Guard and special consultant to Gov. As the siege continued through the winter, a number of tribal Indians felt increasingly uncomfortable about those relatives and former friends, and increasingly they resented the elected chiefs. With a good mind it is our responsibility to protect and exercise our inherent rights while creating sustainable partnerships and building a strong community for future generations., Akwesasne Land Where the Partridge Drums A DANGEROUS confrontation between armed Mohawk factions on a small and remote reservation on the St. Lawrence River has been all but ignored by the news media, apparently for want of a certified death to excite interest; although the potential for bloody violence is still imminent, the few newspaper and TV accounts mostly have contented themselves with the interpretation put out by New York State authorities. I looked at Joe, and he just shrugged. .". The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service along with the Ontario Provincial Police weapons enforcement unit led the execution of the search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service has jurisdiction and authority in both Quebec and Ontario. Kingston We drove over the Seaway International Bridge and through the U.S. and Canadian customs. Anyone with any information related to this incident is urged to contact 1-613-575-2340. He said the incident was terrifying. If such as such stops are violating tribal police service and utilizing crime groups known as the first to defend the stop represents an illegal encounter. Suspect wanted in taxi cab robbery -- Mohawk Police issue warrant. It's like Rudy Hart told somebody, 'Give those guys two beers, and they'll do anything. The Standard-Freeholder confirmed with court officials in New York that Lazore remains in custody. K7L 1H3, Contest Line Gregory O. David Jr., 32, of Akwesasne was arrested and charged with Possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance, possession of property obtained by crime, and breach of probation. Site by, Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA), Office of Emergency Management and Safety, Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), St. Lawrence River Area of Concern at Massena/Akwesasne, Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Program (A/CDP), Let's Get Healthy - Diabetes Center for Excellence, Mental Health - Kanikonri:ihne (Good Mind Counseling), Home Improvement Supplement Program (HIP), Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Sex Offender Registry. There matters stood until early in June 1980. Meanwhile, the island's bees have vanished, wild game and crops are drastically depleted, the conifer forests are dying away from tip necrosis, the starving cattle, disabled by bone afflictions, often had to lie down to graze and crawl from one place to another. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. For non-emergencies or for general information, please contact AMPS at 613-575-2340. "Alien law" was represented by the criminal court system in the person of Franklin County District Attorney Joseph Ryan, who had referred in court to the Mohawk traditionals who disarmed the police as "a bunch of animals," and who seemed strangely eager to prosecute the case, despite its trivial circumstances. The Mohawk chiefs instructed Swamp and Thompson not to appear for their arraignment on July 5, or otherwise recognize the court's authority; as Chief Tom Porter told the court, "One of our chiefs will not be taken by another nation to be judged.". Taken under heavy police escort to Malone, N.Y., this man, whose person, property and household had suffered the damage, was arraigned as a criminal and spent the night in jail. That siege lasted 71 days, whereas the Akwesasne Siege has lasted more than a year. AKWESASNE -- An Akwesasne man wanted on multiple charges, . Fax: 613-575-2181 Over there on Cornwall Island, which is downwind from Reynolds, skin lesions and nervous disorders began to occur simultaneously with the fluoride pollution, but because the companies are on the U.S. side, and the people are Indians, the Canadian government takes no interest.". district of the community. For non-emergency calls or for general information, use the appropriate Akwesasne Mohawk Police number below: Crime Stoppers: 613-575-2255Non-emergency Phone: 613-575-2340Franklin County Fire Department: 518-483-1211, 2022 Akwesasne Mohawk Police Freedom of Information Privacy Policy Website Feedback Locations Contact Us, PO Box 90, Akwesasne, Quebec H0M 1A0, Phone. Akwesasne, Quebec, H0M 1A0 The search warrant execution was the result of a two month investigation into street-level drug trafficking of a controlled substance. There are plenty of Akwesasne artists that you can purchase from online. There are still elders among us today who remember this sharing attitude of our people, a very humanistic and moral attitude, and it is still solid and firm among traditional people: we still want to share. Chief of Police: Shawn DuludeDeputy Chief of Police: Lee-Ann OBrien, 73 Sweetgrass LaneKana:takon (St. Regis), QuebecH0M 1A0. "This is a highly polluted area," Tom Porter had said the night before, "and we have many children, so our main concern must be their safety and health. On Aug. 13, an estimated 21 Indians were named in sealed indictments (which made the defendants subject to arrest without their knowledge) and those who suspected that they might be on the list began to gather with their families in a defensive camp centered around the house of Loran Thompson. The mission of the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) is the enhance peace, harmony, justice, and cultural values throughout Akwesasne. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. A 49-year-old woman is facing multiple charges after Brockville Police responded to reports of a person locked inside a residence with a gun on King Street West. The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service encourages the public to report any suspicious activity or crime by calling Akwesasne Central Dispatch at 613-575-2000 or the non-emergency number at 613-575-2340. "They fail to tell you that theirs was the first offense -- hell, we don't even know for sure that that was Loran's property, and anyway, I was born and raised here. AKWESASNE Four people face various charges following a police search of a residence on International Road in Kawehnoke that took place on Wednesday, January 11, 2023. "I wanted to stage another meeting on June 2 in Albany, using Howard Rowley as arbitrator, and the good offices of the chiefs at Onandaga. The four all face the following charges: - Possession for the purpose of weapons trafficking When the conference ended, I was introduced to Bear Clan Chief Tom Porter and Wolf Clan Chief Jake Swamp, and Bear Clan subchief Loran Thompson. Page Down A Mohawk in Peru #3: T. River Institute and RR. Lazore-Arquette was transported to Cornwall Community Hospital and subsequently transferred to the General campus of the Ottawa Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased that Sunday afternoon. Since August 1979, the state police had settled on the policy of executing warrants when and if they caught someone outside the camp while stopping short of an armed invasion; they are not anxious to get people killed, Harding explained, police included. 613-541-4162, Advertising 993 Princess Street, Suite 10 "Friday was a situation that almost exploded," Oren Lyons told me when I caught up with him by telephone a few days later, "and it could go bad again at any time . After the dawn raid at Akwesasne, the tension between Mohawk factions was too rigid to dissolve through negotiations. Lazore and Laffin were scheduled to appear for bail hearings on January 12, 2023, before the Ontario Court of Justice in Cornwall. "The tribal faction started to get nervous after April 19, and they began to reorganize," Tom Porter says. He was WARRANTS, BREACH OF PROBATION Cornwall, ON Clarissa Square, 29, of Cornwall was arrested on July 28th, 2022, and charged with five counts of breach of probation and one count of failing to attend WARRANTS Cornwall, ON Martika Smoke Thompson, 32, of Cornwall, was arrested on July 22nd, 2022, on the strength of outstanding warrants. Please consider the AMPS Facebook account first as an official source for policing matters relating to the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne. We're not permitted by our beliefs to deal with the earth as a material thing, because the earth is our mother. The dawn was beautiful and cold and clear, with a northwest wind that quickened the dying river. Akwesasne Crimestoppers: 613-575-2255. By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. Here mercury, Mirex and PCBs are only a few of the numerous poisons from the industries and sewer outlets that line its banks, all the way upstream to Lake Erie. "That's our oldest warrior," the young Indian said, and laughed affectionately. If the people of the U.S. and Canada wish to ease their consciences with the Indians, they can't do it with monetary awards for the vast territories taken illegally, they must have the honesty to admit a mistake. In 1971, the Band Council passed a Band Council Resolution to call the police Service "St. Regis Akwesasne Police Department". I can't stress it strongly enough: It's a matter of life and death that the truth come out about that day. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe delivers heartfelt community recognitions Vows to continue program, SRMT Environment Division Responds to ALCOA East Fire. Kana:takon (St. Regis), Quebec. On May 29, to the sound of drums, several hundred unarmed Indians walked in procession from the Akwesasne longhouse in Hogunsburg to police headquarters in the elective system's building, not far away, where five chiefs, including Porter, Swamp and Thompson, asked the police for the last time if they meant to disband. That morning, May 22, 1979, Loran Thompson and his friend Joe Swamp found a group of youths cutting down trees on his late father's property; the woodcutters were members of the federally funded Young Adult Conservation Corps (YACC) engaged in a "boundary-delineation project" for a proposed fence around the Akwesasne Project" for a proposed fence around the Akwesasne Reservation, and they had already cut a swath 80 feet long and 200 feet wide by the time he arrived. Well, Indians don't think that way; there is no need to talk about clouded titles. Carey and Mr. Harding are finding out in 1980. Address: Deputy Chief of Police: Lee-Ann O'Brien. While most still complained that non-Mohawks and non-Indians had brought most of the trouble to the reservation, and that a nest of armed resistance to authority encouraged atmosphere of lawlessness, especially among the young, which increased every day that the state police failed to execute the warrants, they nonetheless resented the fact that the elected chiefs had invited state troopers onto Mohawk ground, and that fathers and uncles and cousins and brothers (and mothers, aunts, daughters, and children, too) might be killed at any time because of a minor political dispute that had never justified the August raid nor the heavy police presence ever since. He acknowledged that whatever they might say publicly, everyone here had actually chosen one side or the other. Then white people and red people could get together and discuss what would be best to do, how we can share things. And they would have gotten most of our leaders, too. Officers will be paying close attention to school zones, speed limits, child restrain systems, school bus safety, aggressive driving and distracted driving concerns. Yet that same evening, although no violence and no threat of violence had occurred, nor any damage except to the Thompson land, Chief Cole, accompanied by a Bureau of Criminal Investigation officer and a state trooper, returned with a warrant for Thompson's arrest; why the authorities had chosen to escalate the episode was not yet clear. Lazore is additionally charged with careless storage of a firearm and Poirier is also charged with possession of a Schedule 1 substance. Homeland Security Investigations were also involved in the investigation. Email: ON The Akwesasne Mohawk Police are continuing their efforts in locating Kenny Leaf, age 51, and Donald Do Johnson, age 31. By about 10, he said, a crowd of about 160 tribals had assembled -- not "vigilantes," Hunt assured me earnestly, that was only what the traditionals called them (the traditionals usually call them "the mob") but "supporters of the elective system and reservation residents." The three men face charges of Aggravated Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Forcible Confinement and Uttering Death Threats. "When I was a kid, this island was a beautiful place, and all the families helped each other, worked together; now other people's ideas have been imposed upon us." MCA says stay in your bubble. Administrative Division: The Chief of Police is the director of law enforcement for the tribe and as such is the Chief Administrator for the department. Akwesasne in the house! When I reminded that our Uncle Joe was over there with the vigilantes, he really started to sweat; a lot goes through your mind out there, he told me. IMPAIRED Cornwall, ON Kandy Pierce, 29, of Akwesasne was arrested on January 6th, 2023 and charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle. What would happen if they had to deal with a united, sovereign Mohawk nation? It was confirmed that the man had been attacked and beaten inside his home; he was able to fight off his attackers and escape to this location. The traditional Indians, at least, believe that the state has encouraged the present dispute to keep the Mohawks from uniting in a common cause, but because their camp is now blockaded by police, few observers have made any attempt to visit the traditionals and hear their views. On Aug. 2, after Washington had failed to act on the agreement, Ryan prevailed upon Judge Plumadore to sign arrest warrants, and announced that he would also prosecute certain unnamed participants in the occupation of the community building two months before.

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